Friday, September 20, 2013

Blossom at SpringOne 2GX 2013

I had the pleasure of presenting Blossom and Magnolia CMS at this year's SpringOne conference in Santa Clara California. The conference took place over the course of three intense days with tons of interesting talks. At the keynote Pivotal announced the Spring IO platform and Chris Beams even launched the new site right there on stage.

Our talk was on the first day right after lunch, me and my co-presenter Daniel Lipp showed what Magnolia can do for Spring developers and I shared my experience of integrating it with Spring Web MVC. I wrote the Blossom module so I wouldn't have to write my own CMS for my Spring projects. It surprised me hearing from so many attendees coming to our table in the exhibit hall that that's exactly what many people do.

SpringOne 2GX is also the biggest Grails event of the year. Many attendees I talked to who where there primarily for the Grails talks were thrilled to here about Maglev, the Grails plugin that bundles Magnolia CMS with Blossom and brings it to the Grails platform. Using the same annotation based API but on Grails classes instead.

The slides from the talk is up on slideshare, it was recorded and will be available on youtube soon.

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