Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blossom at Spring I/O 2015

Last week the Spring I/O conference was held in Barcelona, Spain. There were sessions covering most of the Spring landscape ranging from WebSocket and Server Sent Events support in MVC to Spring Cloud and Spring XD.

The conference opened with Juergen Hoeller's keynote where he took us back to the inception of Spring Framework and then shared anecdotes and stories through the years up to where we are now and with the Spring team at Pivotal.

I had the pleasure to give a talk on Blossom about how Blossom brings Spring into Magnolia CMS.

It's been eight years since I went to a Spring conference in Europe, the last one was SpringOne 2007 in Antwerp. Europe has been lacking a good Spring conference for years and in my opinion we now have a great one in Spring I/O. Go there in 2016!

Below are the slides from my talk:

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